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  • Oliver L. Velez 90 Min Presentation

    NEW The Bull Elephant: In this special presentation, Oliver Velez will teach you how to identify powerful elehant bars ignited by the actions of big institutional money.

  • Oliver L. Velez 85 Min Presentation

    NEW Wealth Building Strategies: Learn and understand how Oliver Velez uses his kamakaze strategy to build sustainable wealth.

  • Oliver L. Velez 60 Min Presentation

    NEW Spotting and Profiting from the Markets Biggest Moves: In this special presentation, Oliver Velez will teach you how to spot the actions of institutional money.

  • Oliver L. Velez 40 Min Presentation

    NEW The Kamakaze Strategy - When to Risk it All: Learn and understand when Oliver Velez uses his kamakaze strategy to "go all in".

  • Oliver L. Velez: Volatile Markets

    NEW Moneyshow Interview: Oliver Velez shares how volatility is a friend for his trained traders and how they take advantage of the most volalite months of the year.

  • Oliver L. Velez: Adjust Strategy

    NEW Moneyshow Interview: Oliver Velez, the first Moneyshow keynote speaker, discusses strategy and tactic adjustment for traders.

  • Oliver L. Velez 45 Min Presentation

    NEW Funding Traders: Oliver Velez discusses his elite trading team and how you too can become the ultimate global trader.

  • Oliver L. Velez 60 Min Presentation

    NEW Global Trading Team: Oliver Velez reveals the same trading tactics used by his global team of elite funded traders.

  • Oliver L. Velez: Golden Opportunity

    NEW Moneyshow Interview: Oliver Velez discusses the the US dollar and world currency markets.

  • Oliver L. Velez: Income Growth

    NEW Moneyshow Interview: Oliver Velez speak briefly on the proper approach for today's markets player.

  • Oliver L. Velez 90 Min Presentation

    The Elephant Walk: In this special presentation, Oliver Velez will teach you how to profit along side of institutional money.

  • Oliver L. Velez 45 Min Presentation

    Swinging for the Fences: Learn the single most powerful move exploited by Oliver velez.

  • Dr. Dan Mielcarski: Live Trading

    GS Trade: Equity Trading Room: Designed to support the needs of our own elite prop traders, the iFT real-time Trading Room is moderated by Dr. Dan Mielcarski. Watch as he leads iFT traders.

  • Dr. Dan Mielcarksi: Scalping Fed News

    Scalping the Fed News: In this recorded trade example,. Dr. Dan Mielcarski demonstrates the power of iFT’s trading methodology taught to our elite team of iFT prop traders.

  • Dr. Mielcarski: Trade Strategy Review

    RIMM Trade: Strategy Review: In this recorded review, iFT Master Trader, Dr. Dan Mielcarski demonstrates one of iFT’s most powerful trading strategies with a detailed overview.

  • Dr. Dan Mielcarksi: Trading Instruction

    JPM Trade: Instruction: In this short video, iFT instructors will review detailed trading methodology used by our elite team of fully funded professional traders.

  • Dr. Mielcarski: Live Trading Open House

    Watch our Master Traders Live - Open House: In this recorded open house session, you will witness the power of iFT’s trading methods as our Master Traders pull profits from the market.

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“The Best, most organized, and valid presentation I have ever seen and heard in 30 years in the markets. Thank you So much!”

- A. Moreland

“This week in my cash account I have a realized gain of $18,000.00. April gain is $22,000.00. Each month I have almost doubled the month before. My consistency is building with my strong focus of Money/Risk/Trade Management within a precise Trading Plan. My first 7-Day class was great, thank you so much for everything! My results are building nicely with cumulative targets hit everyday. This is a world without limits.”

- K. Savoy

“I have spent over 15 years learning everything from technical analysis to market making and now have started to realize that what has been missing is "trading" experience. I can see from your skills that you & Oliver are indeed the real deal.”

- D. Brooks

“Your passion, inspiration, knowledge and integrity are second to none, you have been a positive influence in my trading career and life in general.”

- M. Tisher

“As a student, it is very obvious that you do, indeed, put your heart and soul into your presentations. I have never experienced the level of interest by an instructor in actually ensuring that your students understand, not just get the instruction but truly understand the material, as that level which you achieve. Furthermore, the material is presented in a very simple and understandable manner. It is inescapable that you have worked intently to achieve the finest product possible. In the course of my own life, I have been exposed to many instructional programs: US Naval Academy BS, U MD MA, Navy Flight Training. I can only shake my head at the superiority of your instruction.”

- Richmond N.